Imagine the Reality

by Alicia Clewes 2 years ago in love poems


Imagine the Reality

A strong laugh and a cursed smile,

A voice that's kind but has a venomous sting,

A look of desperation with a heart that's vile,

Forever forsaken love,

That beguiled, Aphrodite.

A forgiving mother and her grievous child,

A suffering sister and her prosperous siblings,

A hypocritical brother and his stubborn mind,

Forever broken friendship,

That gives Hades the right to rule.

A ridiculed mind and a pretty face,

A dream of a child and the nightmare of an adult,

A disappointment of love and the ease of hate,

Forever mistaken reality,

Of an absent minded imagination.

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Alicia Clewes
Alicia Clewes
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Alicia Clewes
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