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I wish I could go back in time so I could beg you not to walk out that door.

But no one could imagine what the future had in store.

If your death was the price so that I could be where I am today.

I would have rather died with you,

Then having to cope with knowing how you were taken away.

Taken hostage at gunpoint

your son and daughter witnessing it all.

Too scared to move a muscle,

they were found laying on the floor.

Or maybe they were drugged,

the truth won't ever be told.

Imagine your father taken away from you at the age of four.

And remembering nothing about him

not even his smile to treasure and adore.

And hearing stories about him breaks your heart because you have none to share.

But you keep the pain bottled inside thinking no one else will care.

Imagine not knowing where your father's body lied.

Imagine not knowing how bad he was tortured before he finally died.

Imagine your father's life taken just because he was against the war.

Imagine going through this only at the age of four.

Imagine three sleepless nights believing he could still walk through that door.

Imagine a mother's pain having to tell her youngest daughter she won't see

daddy any more.

Imagine growing up with doubt,

is he really dead?

Not knowing what crossed his mind,

When he finally laid his head.

Before his last breath was taken what words were the last to leave his


Was he thinking what would become of me?

To have to face the world without a daddy?

Imagine a mother on her own having to provide for the family.

Imagine having to hide the tears and stay strong yet missing her life

companion dearly.

Imagine having to move to a place where the people are different then what

you were accustomed to.

But saying it's all worth it if my kids can live to be older then 22.

Imagine this not being something just to think about as hardcore.

But the true story of my life when I was only four.

R.I.P DAD!!!

My #1 HERO... along with my Mother.

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