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Imaginary Friend

By: N.J. Gomez

By N.J. Gomez Published 6 months ago 4 min read

When I am 4, I meet my first friend.

He puts a hand on my shoulder and tells me a funny story.

He is small, like me and very pale.

I call him Ghost, and we giggle together at the dinner table.

When I am scared, he stays close.

And I feel better knowing I am not alone.

He is with me only for a short while.

I wish he would have stayed longer.

But Mom doesn’t like him.

And Dad thinks it’s a demon.

Both are angry, which scares Ghost away.

I am alone again.

When I am 8, I have many friends.

They walk with me to school and stay when I am alone.

No one else will talk to me.

But they always do.

They are boys and girls from my favourite books.

The girls think I’m pretty, and the boys like my stories.

They are much braver and smarter than I am.

We can talk about my favourite things for hours.

My mom finds me staring at the wall most days.

So, I get better at keeping them a secret.

My brother notices I smile a little more.

I feel safest when they are near by.

Like I can be anything I want.

When I am 12, I have my first boyfriend.

He thinks I’m pretty, funny, and he holds my hand when I get really scared.

I imagine we kiss.

No one knows or sees.

I spend all my free time with him, and I tell him all about my day.

Although I begin to understand that he is imagined.

I look forward to meeting with my secret friend.

I feel everything. Warmth and love the most.

Reality is in another realm.

That’s the part the feels the best.

He starts to stay less and less.

I miss him, or maybe just outgrow him.

I get very busy.

Mom and Dad don’t think I am doing enough.

Between housework, raising my brother, and school.

Am I enough?

Will it ever be enough?

My boyfriend thought so.

When I am 16, I have a small group of friends at school.

I have a big family, always around me.

At least I think they want to be around me.

I am happy that I have something real now.

But I find out, that it is only imagined, like my secret friends.

It’s like biting into a beautiful berry only to find it bitter and tart.

My secret friends return as an army,

when I realize these truths.

I think they know I need them.

Soon they move in for a long while.

They wait with me while I cry.

They wait while I break and tear.

They stay while I am so beat down, I nearly lose myself.

I welcome the darkness, I run towards it even.

But my secret friends pull me back.

They don’t want me to go.

That’s nice to know.

When I am 21, my life begins, within me and outside of me.

I break away from the things that pressed and squeezed me.

Although I am better,

my secret friends come back when I am lonely.

I lose myself again and I wander for a long time.

My secret friends keep me smiling.

I tell them my stories, while they tell me theirs.

It feels like the first sunrays after a rainy day.

I like having someone to talk to.

Someone to hear my goals and dreams when the rest deem them unattainable.

When I am 30, I don’t hear them much anymore.

Sometimes I joke to myself.

I sing to myself.

But I don’t need to do life by myself.

Or in secret.

I don’t need to hurt in quiet anymore.

My secret friend, the one I always found comfort in,

became a real friend.

The friend I go to when I am scared or hurt.

The friend I cry to when I am sad.

The lover I seek pleasure in.

Finally, I think.

But I never said thank you.

To the warmth of imagined embraces, that made me feel safe.

Of smiling faces that made me feel heard.

Of funny jokes that made me laugh, for the few moments I gathered to myself

Thank you, these imaginary friends that stayed.

For giving me the chance to grow up.

For helping me find myself.

For helping me find my not so secret, not imagined, real friend.


About the Creator

N.J. Gomez

I am an aspiring writer from Ontario, Canada. My field of experience and degrees are in Social Work and Political Science. I am currently working on a series of children's stories and I love to read mystery, romance, and fantasy.

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  • Amy Hall6 months ago

    I enjoyed reading this piece, well done! I subscribed to you! I am just starting out and would very much like if you have time to read some of my work and if you like it please subscribe! I look forward to reading more of your work!

  • Thank you everyone for reaching out and reading. I really enjoyed writing this poem and connecting with many of you. I didn't really stop to think how much this theme would resonate. It's awesome that we were able to connect on this platform. On to the next, and happy creating!

  • Mark Graham6 months ago

    We can have as many friends both imaginary and read as we want. My friends are all in books even though now my real friends are now on Facebook (old friends that I went to school with back in the 70's and 80's.

  • Jabb6 months ago

    Very touching.

  • C Niecy6 months ago

    I loved this - so beautiful!

  • test6 months ago

    This is a story with love

  • Aliser6 months ago

    Great story, thanks to the author for sharing.

  • Grilli Fromong6 months ago

    Very touching, thank you for the article

  • Janno Vino6 months ago

    Very well written, thanks for sharing

  • Ba Kit6 months ago

    Very well written, thanks for sharing

  • Vishal6 months ago

    Very well written, thanks for sharing

  • La hole6 months ago

    Deeply moved. Thank you for writing and sharing this.

  • Fei Ye Lan6 months ago

    Deeply moved. Thank you for writing and sharing this.

  • caldwell benis6 months ago

    Good writing

  • Anthony Ayson6 months ago

    Deeply moved. Thank you for writing and sharing this.

  • Viva Marie6 months ago

    This is really beautiful and it inspires me to write. It reminded me that beautiful writing doesn't have to be a long novel filled with enormous ideas and tiny details.

  • Dapo6 months ago

    It is a great timeline of a life. While I didn't have an imaginary friend or encourage one. I often talk to myself, and with characters from books, film etc. Thank you for memories!

  • Dylan 6 months ago

    I'm 21 now and this poem is amazing, I really connected with it and enjoy the way it's written! Fantastic!

  • Kendall Defoe6 months ago

    Very impressive...and it feels like we had the same childhood. ;)

  • Bath Rudge6 months ago

    A beautiful day

  • Anne Pedersen6 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this! I loved it. It is astonishing!

  • AJ Birt6 months ago

    This is truly beautiful, excellently composed

  • Libby Sullivan6 months ago

    I loved this - so beautiful!

  • Natalia Grin6 months ago

    Enticing poem. Thank you for sharing

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