I’m Here for You

by Kat Garcia 11 months ago in sad poetry

It’s okay to cry.

I’m Here for You

I see the tears that you shed,

And the pain in your eyes.

You tell me you’re fine,

But it’s just a disguise.

You put up an act,

But I know it’s all lies.

Baby I’m here for you,

Through the smiles and cries.

And I know that it’s hard,

And I know that you’ve tried,

To keep up this wall

All filled with your pride.

But I need you to trust me,

There’s no need to hide.

Baby I’m here for you,

I hope in me you’ll confide.

I can see you’re hurting.

I can see the pain.

I know you feel lost.

There’s no need to explain.

And I’ve said this before,

But my word still remains.

Baby I’m here for you,

So bring on the rain.

I know you’re fighting this voice,

Inside you’re head.

That tells you to man up,

But you cry instead.

it’s okay to feel defeated,

So screw what that voice said.

Baby I’m here for you,

There will be better days ahead.

After every storm comes a rainbow,

So let me be your sunshine.

Sometimes it’s tough,

But it’s good to unwind.

Let me wipe your tears,

And wave them goodbye.

Because baby I’m here for you,

Until the end of time.

sad poetry
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