I Want My Life Back

by Kat Garcia 12 months ago in inspirational

Fighting Domestic Violence

I Want My Life Back

I could still hear the screams

And see the beer in his hand,

As he tried to step closer

He could barely stand.

So he gave me that look

That eats at ur soul;

He said, “you’re no good,

Just an ugly whore.”

I felt the tears down my face

As I tried to get away,

But he grabbed my hand and said

“I have one more thing to say,”

Without batting an eye

He said “Hope you burn in Hell.”

I snatched my hand

And said “you as well.”

That night as I laid in bed

And cried myself to sleep,

first I prayed to god

That my soul he would keep.

I was done feeling ashamed,

It’s my life I want back.

Screw that man,

It’s my turn to attack.

That morning I packed all my bags

And said goodbye to this house

I refuse to let him win,

I won’t be known as the dead spouse.

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