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Ignite your voice: Why the end of victim's silence is powerful

by Lili Jane 20 days ago in inspirational

My poem 'Before we ignite' exploring experiences that lead to victims' voices powerfully ending silence

Ignite your voice: Why the end of victim's silence is powerful
Photo by Svend Nielsen on Unsplash

Inspired by the feeling of helpless rage when you can't find the words to express yourself or defend yourself.

But stillness and silence do not last forever. And when they break, when we find our voice and discover its power, we ignite with all the words we have been burning to say.

Silence = violence. But victims' silence can originate from survival instincts for self-preservation. This poem is dedicated to those who have known the latter, and whose powerful voices need to be heard. ❤️


Before we ignite


As a glass figurine .


Sitting, hearing, observing .


In the space between the mind and reality .


Blurring as everything comes into focus .


Slowly; shallow, fleeting .


Irregularly keeping time ,

To measure the minutes and hours and seconds ,

And the moment between the thunder and the lightning strike ,

And the glass dropping and the instant it shatters .

Silent in the desire to ignite violent ,

Until, finally, we are fire.


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Lili Jane
Lili Jane
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