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Ignite: Unboxing Voices of Unity

Rising against Racism and Discrimination

By samrin mohammadiPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

In a world so connected, so rich in diversity, Why do we still swim in the sea of bigotry? Racism, discrimination, a venomous toxin, It's time to rise up, let our voices unbox in.

Anger fuels my words, an inferno ablaze, For the wounds inflicted in society's maze. We're tired of the hate, the bias, the lies, United we stand, our strength never dies.

They judge by the color of skin, not the soul within, But we won't be silenced, we won't let them win. Our power ignites, a fire deep in our core, For equality and justice, we will fight and soar.

How dare they belittle, degrade, and oppress, Our spirit won't break, it'll rise and impress. We're warriors of change, with a purpose so grand, To dismantle the chains that bind us to this land.

We refuse to be silenced, our voices will scream, Against the system that treats us like a bad dream. We'll paint the world with colors, a vibrant display, Where love conquers hate, and prejudice fades away.

We're the children of strength, resilience our shield, Defying the darkness, refusing to yield. With passion as our weapon, we'll dismantle the wall, That separates us all, so we can stand tall.

Discrimination, your time is running thin, We won't let hatred's poison seep further in. With every beat of our hearts, with every word we say, We'll shatter the chains that hold us at bay.

No more stereotypes, no more judgments unfair, We'll rewrite the narrative, show them we're rare. Our differences are treasures, our cultures so vast, A tapestry of beauty, a future that's steadfast.

Anger burns in our souls, a righteous fire, Fueling our fight, lifting us higher and higher. We'll challenge the system, demand equal rights, Expose the injustices hidden from plain sight.

Our ancestors' struggles echo through time, Their strength flows within us, an ancestral rhyme. We carry their legacy, their battles we wage, For a world where equality is all the rage.

The power of unity, the strength in our bond, Will break down the walls that society spawned. We'll educate, empathize, bridge the divide, For a future where love and justice coincide.

No more tears shed in silence, no more pain suppressed, We're reclaiming our worth, we won't settle for less. Our anger is a weapon, a catalyst for change, A rallying cry to dismantle the range.

So let the world hear our voices, unfiltered and raw, As we navigate the path to justice's shore. In our anger, we find power, a force untamed, To break the chains of racism, forever maimed.

We won't bow down, we won't be contained, Our message of equality, it will be ingrained. We rise as a phoenix, fierce and unyielding, A testament to the strength that's so revealing.

So let the world tremble, let it shake with our might, For in our anger, we find the will to ignite. A revolution of love, of unity and grace, Erasing the remnants of discrimination's disgrace.

In this battle against racism and hate, Our voices will soar, our unity innate. No longer silent, we

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samrin mohammadi

Samrin Mohammadi, Passionate poet sharing captivating verses on Vocal.media

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