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Ifs and Onlys

and not enough time

By The Dani WriterPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Video by SpicyNoobles on Imgur

If you can sit still long enough,

messages reverberate at decibel levels distinct to human range.

If ever there was a question as to why the Earth is Mother,

the answer lies in a patience beyond time.

Who else would put up with your nonsense and let you still draw breath?

Turns so fast

but her anger’s slow.

A trait she’s had since can’t remember when.

By Joey Kyber on Unsplash

Such grand gesture of restraint for a species that exercises so little.

Oceans of manmade product carry along currents of forced apathy,

looking for places to expel unseeded rage

while rivers and lakes search endlessly for the chemicals that poison

and weep for the hands of the goddess which can heal.

If Spring could once again bring only joy and not humanity’s destruction to the rainforests and animal nations.

If the height, breadth, and depth of nature itself could hold a restless, heedless audience spellbound at its majesty.

If only smallest creatures from remotest regions were granted but minutes for the most earnest, rational, justified broadcast in a plea for life, the same as every other living being…

But I’m screaming now,

unrelenting anguish in my tears as I run to Earth Mama

and between choking sobs manage to express,

“They won’t listen.”

And Mama,

she don’t skip a beat.

A steady orbit on her well-worn route,

twirling on axis,

humming low,

secure in the knowledge of all the yesterdays known

and tomorrows she’ll yet have.

Feeling for me as she’s felt for countless others,

lifting my face eye-level to whisper,

“Then they will feel.”

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