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If I Were an Insect...

Big dreams of being small

By Rowan Finley Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo taken by Amar Hussain

If I were an insect...

Maybe I'd be a pious praying mantis,

wise and knowledgeable like the people of Atlantis.

If I were an insect...

Maybe I'd be a transformational butterfly,

a short, poignant, beautiful life, roaming the blue sky!

If I were an insect...

Maybe I’d be a hard working ant,

sneaking up the palm fronds of a nice plant.

If I were an insect...

Maybe I'd be a honey bee,

buzzing here and there, with lots of flowers to see.

If I were an insect...

Maybe I'd be a ladybug, bright and exquisite,

I'd be petite, yielding such discreet excrement.

But, I'm not an insect...I'm an elephant.

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About the Creator

Rowan Finley

Father. Academic Advisor. Musician. Writer. Aspiring licensed mental health counselor. My real name is Jesse Balogh.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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