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If I Never Saw You

A Poem

By Jessie WaddellPublished about a year ago 1 min read
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If I never saw you,

I'd have never had to know,

What it was to lose something,

I never had.

If I never saw you,

I wouldn't be left wondering,

What two strangers might have created,

If the universe had let them collide.

If I never saw you,

I wouldn't know how to be jealous,

Of an innocent stranger,

Who's only crime was seeing you first.

If I never saw you,

I wouldn't spend minutes, hours or days,

Longing for the unknown,

Pining over a lost dream.

If I never saw you,

I might have been able to connect,

With the others who tried and left,

Who never could compare to the fantasy.


If I never saw you,

I'd have never seen the stars,

Known the sensation of pure oxygen,

Or felt absolute certainty.

I know I had to see you,

Even if you were never meant to be mine,

Because seeing you was the first thing,

That ever made me feel alive.

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About the Creator

Jessie Waddell

I have too many thoughts. I write to clear some headspace. | Instagram: @thelittlepoet_jw |

"To die, would be an awfully big adventure"—Peter Pan | Vale Tom Brad

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  • Ali Love7 months ago

    So deeply profound and Godly. You're still alive and maybe the Universe is still planning on that collide. But thank you for fresh air. Thank you for shooting stars, and mostly Thank you for healing the parts of me I never even knew were broken.

  • Amelia Jane Malins12 months ago

    This is really beautiful. I'm 30 now but I remember feeling this way countless times in my teens and my early twenties. It captures that youthful longing and disappointment perfectly. ♡

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