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I Woke Up In A Dream

a poem by Solomon

By Solomon WalkerPublished about a month ago 1 min read
i woke up in a dream by Solomon

Slipping in the depths of slumber, a mystic realm unfurls

A silent beckoning, with secrets softly swirled

A labyrinth of enigmatic shadows and hues

Where time and space intertwine and confuse

This dreaming world, a shroud of secrecy

Where veils part reluctantly

Revealing merest glimmers of truth

At the edge of perception, elusive and uncouth

A tranquil scene unfolds with perplexing grace

A world suffused with an enigmatic embrace

The sky bathed in an ethereal blue

The earth, vibrant in unknown hues

Birds harmonize a haunting melody on high

A symphony echoing through the living sky

Flowers nod with an air of quiet mystery

Aromatic fragrances, a tantalizing reverie

I stroll along a winding, uncertain trail

At times, a faint outline seems frail

The sun’s rays pierce through a cryptic gleam

Enveloping me in a softly perplexing dream

A fluid stream, meandering in enigmatic play

Its surface rippling, a coy display

A kaleidoscope of clouds drift on by

Unravelling secrets in an atmospheric sky

This dream, an endless, confounding sea

Of harmony, a bewildering decree

No dissonant notes or sombre hues

A symphony of perplexity, refusing to diffuse

The dream gives way to reality’s yearning

A touch of wistfulness with uncertain learning

Unspoken memories, a precious tug

A gem unpolished, from an untasted jug

And yet, the mystery lingers in the air

A whisper, calling me beyond compare

Dream and reality, twine and intertwine

Twins entwined, forever undefined

Leaving me to ponder,

The untold, the unfound still

A canopy of uncertainty

A tale of nebulous hues and mystic unities

Pensive about the myriad mysteries

In the depths of this enigmatic dreamery

A dreamland, a haven of riddle

The wellspring of my heart, an enigmatic fiddle

In a space where mystery spins its claim,

Where names escape the mystical game,

My fabled haven, a puzzle untamed,

A legend’s call, an enigma unnamed.

humorsurreal poetryStream of ConsciousnessMental HealthinspirationalGratitudefact or fiction

About the Creator

Solomon Walker

Artist, Photographer, Poet, Entrepreneur. Director, Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA). Solomon is also creator and curator of MoDFA art group on LinkedIn.

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    Solomon WalkerWritten by Solomon Walker

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