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I Wish You Knew

A Tribute To My Mother

By Cynthia FieldsPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

I lit a candle for you today your memory still fresh on my mind.

You taught me well how to be a woman and not be ashamed.

I wish I had known you.

The candle will soon melt but your bright glow is never ending.

I wish I had known you when.

Times have brought us through changes, oh so many changes.

We all have not survived. Somehow death meant life and yet we grow.

Like the flame of that candle each flicker is another chance.

I wish I knew.

You were my hero, unafraid. You lost your life to gain victory.

The flame is dying. Many refuse to carry the torch passed,

it's fallen from our sight.

Far so far from the Promised Land.

I wish you knew.

We need you now to wake us up from our slumber.

No time to sleep for the enemy never tires.

I wish you knew me.

So much has been lost.

Can it be that all before was in vain?

What else must we lose before we begin to fight again?

I wish you knew me when.

The grave is getting deeper, wider, darker.

We are the diggers.

Where are our dreamers?

I lit a candle today

for you, for me, for the struggle.

You taught me, "Never give up,"

for out of despair can come victory.

I wish you knew me.

Then suddenly I smiled when I realized

I had become the lesson taught,

dreams dreamt and the fruit of battles fought well.

I had become you.


About the Creator

Cynthia Fields

I adore words and I love what happens when we grab them, sleep with them, holler and scream and laugh at them! I love what happens when we throw them in the air and watch them fall magically from our minds onto paper!

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