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I want to see you with my two eyes

I want to see you

By Shirsendu ChakmaPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

I want to see you with my two eyes

You are far away and you forget me...

Time passes by thinking of you,

I can't see you but I'm waiting for you..

It's My Real Story. I make this for my life. I can't foregate him with my life. Good luck wherever you are. I will never forget you.

I'm not a Vocal+ member, so I won't be entering the Snafu Senryu Challenge, but I thought it might be fun to write about the human condition with some ironic conversations in Senryu style. Enjoy! please support me and satay with me

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Shirsendu Chakma

I want to see you with my two eyes 💔😢😭

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran7 months ago

    Yes, it's truly very difficult to forget someone we love. I loved your poem!

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