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I Want to be Okay

Acrostic poem challenge

By Diani AlvarengaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
I Want to be Okay
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Disrespected my heart by saying I'm the only one

Irrationality is what you are, when I look at you I

Start to wonder, what insane thing you will say to me

Trust to you only matters if I don't betray you, but you

Rest easily when you see my eyes creating waterfalls

And I cannot continue to let you have power over my

Commited heart towards you, all I desire is that you are

Truthful, vulnerable, do I not deserve that? Tell me what

I must do for you to understand that it's not just about you

Or your feelings, consider me too, why are my feelings to you

Not valid? Is it best if I walk away?

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About the Creator

Diani Alvarenga

I love to write and share my stories with others! Writing is what gives me peace.

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  • Rick Henry Christopher ☄️🔥4 months ago

    Great work as always. I like how you bare your soul and say what you are feeling. That gives your words more of an impact.

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