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I Used to be a Hopeless Romantic

by Nick Graham 7 days ago in inspirational / sad poetry / love poems / heartbreak · updated 7 days ago
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From hopeless to hopeful

I Used to be a Hopeless Romantic
Photo by Nick Herasimenka on Unsplash

I used to be a hopeless romantic.

I remember writing love poems about the woman of my dreams,

sewing together Surreal sentences intertwined with love,

I recall the moment when I showed the Woman of my dreams the poems,

I recall how it shifted my reality into a nightmare,

I can still hear the Laughter I received back at my vulnerability,

I can still feel when every chuckle Plucked away at the pedals of the rose-covered Heart I kept on my sleeve.

I used to be a hopeless romantic

Until I was told I was too much of a person,

I was too clingy,

I was too needy,

I was too emotional,

How do you fix being too much of a person,

I started cutting parts off,

I cut off the arm with the rose pedal heart,

I cut off the knee that bent with Commitment,

I cut off the Tongue that spoke about love,

I cut off the fingers that wrote about it,

I used to be a hopeless romantic

I used to be a hopeless romantic,

back when I thought there was something wrong with me,

back when I was a self-inflicted amputee,

back when I thought capitalizing words in the middle of a sentence was me just wanting to take up space,

I'm now learning to be a hopeful romantic

A person who writes not of the love he wants, but of the love he deserves,

A Person who can regrow the parts of him once removed,

A person who takes pride in being "too much".

A person who recognizes that Almost is never enough, and there is no Goldilocks of love.

I am learning to be a hopeful romantic.

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About the author

Nick Graham

My life has been full of dichotomies, Trauma, but love. Change, but safety. Abandonment, but role models. These differences are shared in my writing and poems with a unique perspective.

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Comments (17)

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  • Noethiger Guerreroabout 15 hours ago

    Nice article

  • caldwell benisabout 16 hours ago

    Good writing

  • Dapoa day ago

    Interesting turn out of events in a person's life. I was more of a Jedi in my imagination and not much of a romantic. I do recall praying about the kind of woman I wanted. I had so much faith about it. I asked myself, if the person I prayed about can really exist, because she felt to perfect. Well I did learn reality and I did finally get my kind of woman eventually. Thanks for the memories.

  • Linda Rivenbark3 days ago

    Your honesty and courage in revealing your deepest feelings is something to honor and cherish, never to mock and abuse. Keep being 100 percent yourself. The right one will not want to change anything about you. Thanks for this beautiful word picture.

  • Libby Sullivan3 days ago

    I loved this! So beautiful and relatable.

  • Sabah Walker6 days ago


  • Kendall Defoe6 days ago

    I was a hopeless romantic, too. Now, I'm just hopeless... Seriously, I like this one and thank you for it... :)

  • Mariann Carroll6 days ago

    Bravo , Well written

  • Natalia Grin7 days ago

    Unique perspective indeed. Amazing poem.

  • Tamara Graham7 days ago

    *Goldilocks of love….wow!

  • Tamara Graham7 days ago

    I am crying, as usual, at the honesty, and openness, and realness…you are an amazing writer. Thank you.

  • Oh gosh, been there, done that, felt that. I remember writing having a love letter of mine balled up and ripped to shreds. Probably one of the best things, as it taught me to move on and to only give my time, energy, and attention to those who deserve it. It hurts when You want love, but in order to get the love You desire You have to go travel East in order to reach the West.

  • great text. Amazing..

  • Jessi7 days ago

    lovely! very much enjoyed this read and look forward to more like it.

  • Sabrina Weiss7 days ago

    This is amazing. Great work

  • Danielle Gibson7 days ago

    This is so beautiful 👏👏👏

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