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I took an alien to prom

Well, mom said, she’s from outer space, I fear she won’t fit in with the human race.

By Claire Lamothe Published 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read

I’d been at school a minute or two ,

When mom called me, out of the blue ,

And said we had guests, out of town ,

Coming for the week to hang around.


Ok, I said, but I’ve prom this weekend,

So, my stiff schedule couldn’t bend.

Then she explained they have a girl,

Who I could give taking out a whirl.


Mom, you know I’m not that boy,

Tell me what’s behind this ploy?

Well, mom said, she’s from outer space,

I fear she won’t fit in with the human race.


My jaw dropped until I recovered,

While my body uncoolly shuddered.

I couldn’t take an alien to prom!

They’d make fun of me, especially Tom.


But I did it anyway and got her flowers.

I just wish someone warned of her powers,

Because when I saw her, my body went numb,

And a cage of butterflies released in my tum.


A hand reached into my chest,

Through my sternum, then to rest,

Minutes in the walls of my heart,

Until it found my soul and with a start,


Began pulling it back through,

The walls and sternum, as it grew,

While hers did too, until they touched,

And together, our souls, the other clutched.


Without our skin making contact,

We held each other, ransacked,

Of cool and control and securities—

See-through and exposing all impurities.


I remembered my friends said fat chance,

That I’d actually hold her for a dance.

Yet here we were sharing so much more,

The meeting of two souls on a single shore.


Our eyes stayed caught in the trance,

But I would never call it a romance.

No, that would diminish what it was—

When we defied fear and its fatal laws


This is the best way that I can describe it,

And when asked if I showed her around a bit

I couldn’t explain this deep soul composition

So, I said I exposed her to the human condition

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Claire Lamothe

If writing is my hobby, then drinking coffee is my vocation. That's the dream anyway.

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  • Andrew C McDonald5 months ago

    Interesting take on the challenge. I get taking an alien to prom. I love the soul touch. Nicely done.

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