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I overdosed on my Heart


By HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
I overdosed on my Heart
Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

Where are you taking off ❓❓

Please calm down.

I'm going on a trip...

I overdosed on my Heart.

My mind is hazy

And my conscious keep

Telling me,

To take a vacation,

Because I've

Overdosed on my Heart.

Just Take a

Piece of your


If that's what it

Would take,

To fill my Love

Tank right up!

Just use your inner


To caress,

My soulful Tension...

Don't speak to me


Stand Bold

I desire

To Feel you...

Your running

Out of time

My Flight

Is here...

Reset your password.

I'm going

On a Trip

I overdosed

On my Heart ❤️

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HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)

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A Wonderland of

Your Imagination

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  • Stefany Scales2 months ago

    Nice piece! Well done!

  • Heather Hubler2 months ago

    Nicely done, loved it!!

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    Oh, this is great. Well done.

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