I Need but I Can't Have

The longing Mother

I Need but I Can't Have

The aching belly of my ever wanting need, Is for you to be a part of me.

How I would give part of my life, to feel the sickness inside of me.

To feel the pains in my sides and the kicks of your life.

Ever bloating, ever growing, for you to be inside of me.

The cravings of Ice cream and apples.

The butterflies of every movement and hiccup.

From 1 week to 40, I want to feel the warmth of your body in mine.

Growing and moulding into that little bit of me.

Kicking and expanding into that little piece of him.

I want to see the shape of you on that blurry screen.

I want to hear the muffled murmur of your heart echo in my ears.

I want to laugh and cry at the thought of unbelievable bliss.

I want to cry as my hips start to crack.

With every Breath, I crave to feel your kick and feel the pain.

The ever lasting love that starts to bloom inside of me.

I want to laugh, cry and scream as you enter this world.

I want to stare moronically in bliss at your little smile.

I want to touch your little fingers and toes.

The need to rock you to sleep, until I sleep while I can.

The feeling of exhaustion, as you wake me several times a night.

The slight resentment of him as he snores in his own world.

The warmest feeling as I watch him love you with all his might.

Seeing the best of him grow in you.

Seeing the best of myself grow in you too.

To sometimes feel alone but never be alone again.

My body, my mind, my heart aches to feel this again.

My mind screams at the world as it screams back at me.

I can't have what I long.

I can't feel the love growing inside me again.

I can't use my body as a shell, to grow and protect you.

I can't give her the companion, that she has so longed for.

I need but I can't have.

I need but I can't have.

Kayleigh Taylor
Kayleigh Taylor
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Kayleigh Taylor

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