Kayleigh Taylor

I am an aspiring writer, with a love for writing the raw reality of love, romance, depression, marriage and sex. Both fact and fiction.

I like to write articles about taboo subjects, that leave a gateway for an open civilised debate.

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The Future of Manchester United
2 months ago
Manchester United Manager Takeover
A Moment of Despair
5 months ago
Upright I pounce, as sweat pours down my face I'm gasping and fretting all over the place I scratch at my skin and start to riff at my hair My mind starts to spin and I feel in despair I hold on to my...
Childhood Memories
6 months ago
I remember when the trees, appeared a brighter shade of green. I remember when my dreams, didn't take much to believe. I remember being five, and feeling so alive. I remember when the sky, was wishing...
Screen Time for Our Children: How Much Time Is Too Much?
6 months ago
'The time children 8 and younger spend on mobile devices has tripled in four years.' '42% of children were reported to have their own tablet devices.' 'Experts believe their ubiquity is changing child...
The Life of a Three-way Marriage... The Beginning
6 months ago
Chapter 1 Breaking Him In Getting out the shower, I quickly run upstairs to the bedroom, dripping wet, my little towel barely covering my round ass. I see him slowly undressing in the bedroom. His eye...