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I Miss You

Echoes of Longing: A Poetic Tribute to Absence

By MF BernalPublished about a month ago 1 min read
I Miss You
Photo by Megan Stallings on Unsplash

In the quiet of the night, I feel your absence keen,

A hollow ache within my chest, where once your love had been.

Your laughter echoes in my mind, your smile, a distant gleam,

As I navigate the empty spaces, lost within this dream.

I miss the way you'd hold my hand, so gentle and so warm,

The way your presence filled the room, like sunshine after storm.

I miss the way you'd make me laugh, with jokes both sweet and sly,

And how your touch could calm my soul, when tears would fill my eye.

Each day without you feels so long, each moment feels so still,

As I yearn to hear your voice again, to feel your gentle thrill.

I miss the way we'd talk for hours, about life and love and more,

And how you'd understand my heart, as no one did before.

But though you're far away from me, in distance if not heart,

I carry you within my soul, where we're never truly apart.

For love transcends the bounds of time, and bridges every space,

And though I miss you dearly now, I know we'll find our place.

So until the day we meet again, and laughter fills the air,

I'll hold you close within my heart, and know that you are there.

For missing someone is a sign, of love that's strong and true,

And though I miss you dearly, know I'll always think of you.

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