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I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

by jamie harding about a year ago in sad poetry
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I do.

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

I love the sound of breaking glass,

As something has gone wrong.

I love the impact the sound invokes,

-This startling does not take long.

I love how glass shards shoot and fly,

Like comets 'cross a midnight sky.

With a tinkling, screaming song.

The dustpan is a staid importer,

Of broken glass least once a quarter.

Diamonds studded among the dust,

Down the drain if not so fussed.

I love the sound of breaking glass.

Because something's gone wrong.

It wakes me up,

sad poetry

About the author

jamie harding

Novelist (writing as LJ Denholm) - Under Rand Farm - available in paperback via Amazon and *FREE* via Kindle Unlimited!

Short story writer - Mr. Threadbare, Farmer Young et al

Humour writer - NewsThump, BBC Comedy.

Kids' writer - TBC!

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