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I Look Outwards

What do you see?

By Kevin McLaughlinPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I look outwards, and I see,

A world full of hate,

And brimming with scorn.

Smoke rises,

A fire burns.

A baby cries,

A mother yearns.

A soldier marches without cessation.

How can we belong, in such rigid isolation?

I look outwards, and I see

Eyes turned down,

ears shut,

voices deafened.

All so they don’t see,

Ignorant of people like me.

So I look inwards, and I feel,

A shaking breath,

And a beating heart.

The butterflies when our hands are only inches apart.

And I smile,

And I hope,

That one day they can know,

This feeling,

This love,

And knowing, that we belong.

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    Kevin McLaughlinWritten by Kevin McLaughlin

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