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I'll always regret leaving my ex.

She's the one person I really wish things could've worked out with

By Suzan ChaukePublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In shadows deep, where memories dwell,

Lies the echo of a love once held.

Through veils of time, regret does swell,

A haunting tale that hearts oft tell.

In dreams, I roam through days gone by,

Where laughter danced 'neath a gentle sky.

Yet in the depths, where tears do lie,

Regret whispers, a mournful sigh.

Oh, how I yearn to turn back time,

To rewrite the script, to make it mine.

But fate's cruel hand, an uphill climb,

Leaves only echoes of love's chime.

With each sunrise, a bittersweet ache,

A constant reminder of the choices I make.

In the silence, my heart does break,

For the love lost, for my own heart's sake.

So I wander through the corridors of regret,

A prisoner of memories I can't forget.

But in the ashes, a glimmer yet,

Hope's gentle whisper, a chance to reset.

Though shadows linger, and pain remains,

I'll rise from the ashes, release these chains.

For in letting go, true healing gains,

And from the past, new love sustains.


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