I Let Go of Myself

by Broken Walls 11 months ago in sad poetry

It's not like I had control in the first place.

I Let Go of Myself

We never really had control of anything

We were given the illusion that we had the control we were yearning

So I let go of myself

And watched as the world continued turning

I realized that I didn’t matter

That all I was was a speck of nothingness in a uncaring universe

Raging on without knowledge of where it traversed

I learned that the key to happiness didn’t exist

That the world had a great deal of flying fists

And nothing had any reason to it

So I let go of myself

And watched as the violence continued to persist

Who am I to stand in the way of a crowd who doesn’t care if I’m trampled?

Who am I to try to change the world?

Engulfed in idealism I couldn’t let go of myself

But still watched as everything unfurled

It isn’t fair

But it doesn’t care

The beast was unfeeling and fed to the point that we worshiped it’s anger filled eyes

Everyone dies

But you shouldn’t want to

But I can’t change the world

So into a ball, I curled

And I let go of myself

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