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I Know You

by Amanda Starks about a year ago in love poems
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A Fate of Fire Poem

Photo by Ali Pazani

Sword lifted in silence,

breaths laboring free -

a warrior of truth

kneels before his past.

Tearing tradition from armor,

axes glinting in pale hands -

a warrior of two faces

descends before her future.

Their gazes meet

across a firelit clearing -

an encounter foretold by curses

and false gods.

You know me, he said.

You always have.

You know me as the wind

knows the trees.

You know me like the eagle

knows it's shadow.

A flicker in her gaze,

a hesitance -

remembering a life that was once hers

gone forever.

I do not know you, she replied.

In this life or a past one,

for the wind has never once danced through me,

nor has an eagle flown overhead in greeting.

Your world is a stranger to me.

An evergreen glow leaked from her irises like tears,

her glittering axes held high overhead.

Her shadow fell over him, but

he dropped his cruel sword and

lowered his head.

He whispered to that shadow,

his voice tender and familiar:

You will know me

in this life,

or the next.


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Fate of Fire is my epic fantasy series project. If you wish to know more about it, follow me on twitter @Amanda_Starkes or go to my website: amandastarks.com

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About the author

Amanda Starks

Book hoarder, fantasy author, gaming goblin. I am currently working on my debut novel, CASTLING. Follow me on Twitter @Amanda_Starkes and subscribe to my email list at amandastarks.com to keep up with the madness!

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