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I Am Me!

by Young Poetic Queen 2 years ago in slam poetry

By Young Poetic Queen

I imagine being beautiful.

I imagine what it’s like not having to deal with insecurities.

I imagine being a different girl.

I am always being criticized for who I am.

I’ve always imagined what my life would be like without discrimination.

I wish it would be real, but it’s only my imagination.

What’s wrong with me?

Why am I so ugly?

Why am I so weird?


I’m not ugly.

I’m not weird.

I am just a young woman.

I am a girl who just wants to be loved for her natural beauty.

I am a girl who was told that I had to be beautiful in a “certain way.”

I was told that “you can’t be beautiful without makeup.”

I am sick and tired of all these lies that have been fed to me!

Just because I don’t wear makeup, that doesn’t mean I’m ugly!

I am beautiful in my own way. If someone has a problem with that, it’s their problem, not mine!

I am a girl who embraces her natural beauty because God doesn’t make mistakes.

I am a girl who doesn’t need makeup to feel better about herself.

I am strong!

I am beautiful!


My name is Yemima, and I will not change who I am for anybody because I love who I am.

Like I said earlier in this poem, “I am beautiful in my own way. If anyone has a problem with that, it’s their problem, not mine.”

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Young Poetic  Queen
Young Poetic Queen
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Young Poetic Queen

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