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I Am Laughing at Everything Around Me

by Janelle Ouellet 4 years ago in sad poetry

Not Because I'm Happy but Because I Am Hurting Inside

I burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter

Not because I'm happy but because I'm hurting inside.

I am laughing instead of sobbing because right now this feels safe.

But my heart is breaking as joy has ceased to the core of my soul leaving an impressionble stain

Joy is a phantom poltergeist that seems ancient and obscure because all I can feel is pain

While in public places I burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter I quickly avert my gaze toward my cell phone

I'm laughing not at anyone

I'm hurting inside

My fits of laughter give comfort to the hurt that I feel inside

I'm not laughing because I feel happy

I'm laughing because I am hurting inside

sad poetry

Janelle Ouellet

Enjoys painting abstract art.

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Janelle Ouellet
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