i am but an ocean

by H. 7 months ago in nature poetry

poems from the coast

i am but an ocean
{northern cali from the pacific crest highway, circa 2016}

the rain, the sea, the lake, the creek

the wandering soul does love

the clarity, the vastness, the flow

gives life and hope and renewal

the ocean, the stream, the waterfall

the hungry soul does need

the beauty, the cooling mist, the roaring silence

births arts and new love and a fullness

the puddle, the glass of water, the ice

the lonely soul does seek

the reflection, the reminder, the promise

brings offerings and thoughtfulness and a chance

is that all we are, spirit aside?

a walking “body” of water and so

the logic in our draw to the likeness in nature

ought really to show self love

i am but am ocean, vast and deep

a waterfall, strong and steady

a summer rain, able to gift relief

a creek, wandering, growing as i go

a glass of water, refreshing and needed

a puddle, fun and a little dirtied

and so much more as seasons change

what a lovely soul am i

nature poetry
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