I Am A Bullet.

The travels and travails of one bullet.

I Am A Bullet.
Lady Liberty Weeps

I Am The Bullet!

One bullet's story, one life sacrificed in the telling, millions more chapters to come, billions of case histories all gathering dust in the vast gaping maw of time. You be the judge on this one how does this bullet make you feel???

This is Matt Blowers reporting the statistics from 2015 on gun violence in the U.S. There have been 296 mass shootings this year, almost once a day with no end in sight and no solution for this madness.

I Am The Bullet!

I am the bullet

lying deep in a box,

under hundreds of cartons

of yet unopened shells.

In the back of a storeroom

lying snug in the darkness,

in my bright copper jacket

over steel with brass casing

one of life's living hells.

Sporting guts of gunpowder,

born and weighed by my caliber

with a mighty large impact,

small hole front,

H u g e wound exit,

flesh exploded, and torn.

I am that bullet

I am the bullet

that someday not upon us

fate has slated

to lay waste

"Your dear precious daughter,

But for now I am shelved

I wait here in a carton

filmed with dust

that had settled

long before she was born.

I am the felon,

my merits are brief,

I have always been greedy

just a mugger and thief....

whose career has been criminal

wrought with violence and grief,

just to buy me some crack

and to find some relief.

gonna find me a mark

one with money who's young,

and if she gives me trouble

man, she's gonna get done

that way there'll be no witnesses

cause prisons no fun.

I am that bullet

now spent, bent and battered

removed from the heart of

a life that once mattered,

I snatched Mommies love from

two kids who are shattered,

left a husband whose tears

on her gravestone are spattered.

I am a bullet

the bane of all men

that's been tagged, bagged

and placed in the evidence bin.

Enveloped in darkness,

I am stored once again,

next to hundreds of bags,

holding bullets, mis-spent.

Ziplocked into silence

from their tragic events,

years of dust cover them,

but each day more are sent.

There are millions

still out there!!

this is my testament,

"I am the bullet!"

I Am The Bullet!

(c)-2015-Matthew F.Blowers III Productions

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio

Emotional Split.

A Bullet's effects in times of war.

A glimpse into oblivion.

Eulogy To A Lost Cause.

©-Matthew F. Blowers III -2016

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

I watched a young man die,

and saw his pain filled eyes

widen with such sad "Whys?"

reflecting upward through

those final moments spent

from flesh and bullets bent.

All of his would of beens

leaked from the corners of

his tear stained, anguished slits.

where Blood and saline mixed

fatal elixirs dripped

life passed in rivulets

over his stubbled cheeks

I stood and pondered it.

If every soul could see

the cost of victory

up close and personally,

then war might never be,

the stench of death, it's pain,

the rot of what remains

infused in every brain

might bid all men refrain

from acts so inhumane.

His hands they fluttered like

the wings of moths that strike

the edge of burning lights,

then kiss the blackness of

death's ever cruel surprise.

His legs moved over fields

that he would never grace

restless to rise and race

far from the great beyond,

all hope drained from his face,

then he was gone.

I closed his eyes and left...

him lie there near that trail

within dense jungle growth,

His shattered flesh so pale

now just an empty shell.

Perhaps he lies there still

his jaw agape in awe

at what will never be

his dreams eternally.

Small chunks of lead remain

amidst bones buried deep

within what jungles keep.

The temple of his flesh

so loved by distant kin

felled by a useless cause

into oblivion

Even under the motivation of patriotism, death is hard to embrace.

The Eagle Has Lost Its Wings.

social commentary
Matthew F. Blowers III
Matthew F. Blowers III
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