I Am

by Steven Baldry 11 months ago in inspirational

A Poem

I Am

My six pack is lost under my indulgent skin.

I am a natural born loser but have a thirst to win.

My appetite in this life is completely immense.

I raise a toast and drink to those that lose the pretence.

I don’t have an expensive car or own my own home.

But I do have the scars of experience from the life I own.

I have been up and down so many times...

You could mistake my life for a fairground ride.

But there’s one thing that I have...

One thing I carry inside me.

It’s the honest heart of a man

That believes in love and being free.

I am no Mr. Perfect...

I don’t claim to be.

But I am a man of loyalty...

Who believes in love and being free.

I have no desire to control what is out of my hands.

I won’t let life pass me by while I’m lost making plans.

I don’t take a second for granted of these blessings of mine.

For I have lived in the darkness but now I live to shine.

I don’t care for money, for it cannot buy

The beauty that lives inside of you and I.

I refuse to wait for tomorrow when it’s today that I am alive.

We walk this life for a purpose that is more than to survive.

So I search for the miracles that are all around.

With the knowledge of one who was lost then found.

Living my life happy with a smile on my face.

Knowing there’s a bigger picture and feeling spirits embrace.

I do not care to compare with those around me.

My eyes are not green with bitterness or jealousy.

I live and let live, what will be will be.

For I am a man who believes in Love and being Free.

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Steven Baldry

I have been writing Poetry since I was a teenager. Now in my late thirties I enjoy it more than ever. I find it a wonderful release and it helps me to free my mind and understand myself and my emotions.

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