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by Allyssa Izetta 8 months ago in sad poetry
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breaking through a breakdown

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The world out there

will tear you apart.

But nothing will break you

like the world in here.

It will throw you into

an unconscious abyss –

let you fall and convince you

that the force of gravity

will bring you down

until you land and crash

and break your bones.

Convince you you are powerless –

that the laws of physics rule.

Make you forget

that you have wings,

but you don’t remember

and so you crash.

You break.

You shatter.

You bleed.

Confidence is swept away

along with pride and greed.

With no choice but to surrender

and trust in the divine,

you thank your brain for clearing space

so now your light

can shine.

sad poetry

About the author

Allyssa Izetta

soundbath & reiki practitioner. intuitive energy worker. dancer. i write to try and make sense of the beautiful mystery that is life. explore more of my work: www.fluid-stillness.com, IG: @fluid.stillness

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