Blood dripping, razor blades are rusty...


Understanding, there's a difference here

A state of reality, a fallacy you reveled in

A fear, you adhered to, a conditioning you

Once knew

Surroundings that break us

The darkness that shakes us, takes us

Where we never thought we'd be

Things we never thought we'd see

This reality, collapsing,

Cognitive inconsistency

Blood dripping, razor blades are rusty

Coyotes creeping up on you

You're a fucking hen in the chicken coop

Doors creaking, loose the hounds

Hammers pulled back, locked in position

Damn they're getting bolder, are you just getting older?

Loosen your control or get the cold shoulder

You're a war without a soldier

Bring em back in peace, bring em back in one piece

At least, though we have meager feasts,

Is tonight the saints vs the beast?

A cage match for the cash or for the ages?

Wall street or ancient sages?

I hear you rattling, saddling up for every proposition, you want every

Unique position

While I'm in situations, enduring waves of revelations

Circumstances out of hands and surviving

I'm disheveled, it's a different level,

Bog me down with projection and self-recollection

Psycho analyze me in this city by the sea

That's what everybody wants right?

Lost in the fog right? Least I've got a view through the trees

That sprung me, about a million years times 3


Fill me with the ancient creed...

Blood dripping, sap and amber,

Leaking answers that we don't know the questions to

So the firearms lay at our sides, nature

Around us in the form of hides

The monsters surround on all sides,

Only trust the ones we call pets

Only trust the ones we call friends

You stood twenty feet with teeth that cracked skulls

Now you're in cages so you don't get carried away, laying eggs for us every


We came from the canopy and a panoply of faces

Traces of us everywhere in so many places

Look at what we're in, trapped in cages made of skin, look at what we've


Look at what we're dying in.

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JA Laflin

Born in the US Pacific NorthWest, JA Laflin loves the metro areas as well as the beautiful Oregon scenery. They run a small publishing company and have authored fiction, poetry, graphic novels, and dabbled extensively in music and the arts.

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