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How To Jump Realities

by Krow Fischer 4 years ago in social commentary / inspirational

And Shift Your Universe

Temperance, from Motherpeace tarot

We are all in this together

as the bombs drop

Atomic bombs

Barrel bombs

Cancer bombs

Drug Addiction…bombs…

As mothers in affluent America

pay their grown children’s Rehab fees

as ones in Vancouver

bury their 14 year old daughters,

…dealers in Columbia

give up the trade.

Pledging to the children

of tomorrows villages,

they form a new government

with no more cocaine.

Realities shift.

Behind the scenes

groups of elders and healers meet

in ancient ceremony

repairing the broken threads

of humanity.

Have we forgotten who we are?

There are sacred elders everywhere…

of all ages.

We witness the legacies of the gap

our Hell on earth

the screams of children

ricochet across the wailing of Mothers

and deeply moaning menfolk…

Pain. Misery. Hopelessness.

The Earth cries out to the heavens it seems...

and we wonder

Is anyone listening?


what if

The earth

Our Mother

in her deepest longing for our peace

has held all that contaminates the beauty of our universe

all the sickness of body mind and soul

so that we may each remove our light

from those patterns of hell?

It is not the earth herself that holds these patterns

but she gives them form

and I have often wondered why.

I think, they are here so we can heal them.

The elders of this land,

where I am writing,

say that every breath we leave behind

is a piece of us.

Like a comet streaming through time I imagine it.

Our tail of thoughts and deeds lit up behind us as we orbit through our journey of life.

As above so below, just as the stardust formed our DNA patterns

perhaps our thoughts and deeds form the patterns of reality

yet to be expressed.

So many elders tell us that our today is made of our yesterdays.

Our ancestors shaped our awareness and our accessibility to life,

just as we today are shaping the future

of our grandchildren.

We need to heal some of the realities we have created.

I believe these patterns can only exist where we feed them,

whether with our fears or our joys.

Just like stocks in a stock market

if nobody buys it

the company ceases to exist.

If no one buys cocaine

there is no cocaine trafficking.

If men respect women

there is no rape culture.

We collectively feed the realities that are present on earth

and we need to choose what we feed.

We need to get our personal light out of the addiction

the racism, the hatred, the sickness

wherever we have our light in misery and fear

we need to get it out

without denying it.

It is a balancing act best described by the Temperance card, number 14 in the Tarot.

There are many realms co-existing on this planet

and it would be nice if we could lift every being out of the bad ones

and focus on making good ones

for everyone.

We all have everything within us, every potential.

From the worst depravity a human being can enact

to the kindest act of wisdom.

We are made of all of it.

We can choose where we operate from, with every breath.

Courage, honesty, integrity, wisdom, love, truth and respect

can be found in every realm if we look for it.

These are the precious stones that offer foothold

under the turbulent waters

of the rivers we must sometimes cross.

That I think, is how we jump realities.

The problem has been as I see it

we keep trying to start over

revolution to revolution

but we keep building on the same principals..

like colonialism.

We carry our sicknesses with us.

We are here

in whatever circumstances we are in

to get our light out of the gap

and back into the love.

We are all in this together.

To heal humanity

we need to heal the places of hell

wherever we find ourselves in them.

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Krow Fischer
Krow Fischer
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Krow Fischer

Lifelong student & teacher of mysticism I find poetry a perfect medium for inspirational flow. My co-authored book ‘Weavers of Light’ contains selections of my poetry. More writes @ letterstoearth.ca or hereonearth.ca.

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