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How do I fight?

by Cullen Hoggan 4 months ago in sad poetry
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A sense of acceptance of our lot in life

How do I fight?
Photo by David East on Unsplash

How do I fight the invisible beast, or ignore the whisper in my ear? How can I resist the desire to feast, or battle the concept of fear?

They betray my senses, distort reality, show me horror and futility. I cry into the void begging for some ability, some power to make sturdiness out of fragility.

But the law of equivalent exchange laughs at my situation, for you cannot get something for nothing. I ponder on how to make my dream come to fruition, I only hope the universe cannot see me bluffing.

So I'll move forward and embrace these creatures, powerful yet fragile, a glass cannon on a path of self-destruction. I admire my situation and take in every awful feature, here's to hoping demons can take instructions.

sad poetry

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