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House of Mirrors

by Nara Ree 5 months ago in social commentary
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Contemporary poem

look at you

look at me

warped circus

of screens, windows, and one-way glasses

striking posts, gaudy stories, and royal boxes

buttons pressed, my pictures shared,

a desolate wait.

quick peek, doleful, number of hearts still few.

distorted mirror whispered, “too fat, too flabby, too-”

close the applications, vomit out the food

measure the calories, balance the scales

more crunch, less munch, trim the nails

weight, check! clothes, check! perfect! repost

comment saved, post tagged

expectant glance, then despondent, my followers withdrew.

twisted mirror purred, “too many acne, too dark, too-”

snap the phone shut, snatch my lotions and potions

how had I lived like this- no- I can be saved! no losing more views!

slather the poison into the pores, paint a new coat- mirror said great reviews!

braid my hair, my thread out of the labyrinth- and cut it short

puppetmaster murmured “use a filter” - but am I air that needs purification?

nevermind, drag the rag, swipe up and down and through

contorted mirror sighed, “well done! but still too-”

another acrobat flings a boomerang

but will it not shatter the glass?

another clown threw a reel

but where is the fish to be hooked?

scrolling through the magnifying glass again

yes! notification: new follower called “Depression”

ah, they shared my post with their friend “Anxiety” - how kind!

disperse the dark clouds, silence the warning bells

look at me

all smiles in misery

house of mirrors

enter at your own risk

social commentary

About the author

Nara Ree

A normal human wishing to have a voice, born in the wrong era, and a self-proclaimed wordsmith.

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