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Completely Human

by Nara Ree 5 months ago in social commentary
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Contemporary poem

ignorance is a fallacy.

unwelcomed alms of pity and piety,

mirthful giggles branded me strange titles, narrated my tragic chronicle,

as the daughter of the crippled soldier,

but how curious that these tales seem foreign.

my defective, flawed father,

voiceless, smiled unknown, oblivious to their jeers,

fingers joyfully weaving a question: your friends?

I blinked at his patched up rags,

his best suit, rescued from a beggar’s paw,

gently lifting his worn hands, and shook my head.

I wonder how they not scent the filth their mouths chew,

perhaps, their noses are pointed too high to the skies due.

clutching my school uniform pieced by my father’s rough hands,

my sweet and heavy armor.

my defective, flawed father,

sealed lips, smiled unknown, impervious to their jeers,

fingers excitedly weaving a question: hungry?

I watched him merrily march down from his derelict bike,

amongst the vibrant machines that lazed us by,

quietly bowing to fix his weary sandals, and shook my head.

turning, I did not see, did not hear,

flashing lights, savage metal, screeching tires,

hazy agony, someone please- he needs me- I refuse to disappear.

nauseating taste of blood, dissonant murmurs, hoarse cries,

was I rescued? but my night was unending,

until I saw day.

a clinical voice announced the irrevocable conclusion,

trembling, I knelt and begged to reverse it.

let the night come again, don’t give me his only light.

but my defective, flawed father,

whimpered, snivelled, and sobbed,

his fingers desperately seeking my hands-

I rushed to clasp his bruised palms,

lay a reverent kiss on his bleeding nails bent,

his eyes now mine,

and my father, defective and flawed, smiled content.

social commentary

About the author

Nara Ree

A normal human wishing to have a voice, born in the wrong era, and a self-proclaimed wordsmith.

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