Hot and Cold

A Poem About Cold Feet

Hot and Cold
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

Scared of yes

Scared of no

I want you here

I want to go

Is this right?

Should I be sure?

I've only seen you once before

I want to know now

Before it hurts

Is this worth the sleepless nights?

Wondering if together we are right

I thought I'd know

I think I do

But I'm frightened it's all untrue

I'm worried you're too good

I'm certain my mind has made a perfect you

What if I'm wrong and it goes up in flames?

If I end up broken with only myself to blame?

I want to leap without looking and free fall to you

But if you don't catch me what will I do

Or worse what if we both fall with nowhere soft to land

Or you fall slipping right from my hand and I just let go

Letting go is easy holding on is hard

I could just easily fold our memories into my heart and walk away

Before it’s messy and before it’s too late

But I’ve waited so long for someone like you

Please be what I need you to be

I’ll trust I’ll give it time

Maybe I’ll be taken by surprise

It never works but maybe this time

Maybe the difference is in your eyes

The way you look at me and see everything I want to be

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Annie Nonimous
Annie Nonimous
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