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"Homebound Success"

Heartstrings Between Dreams and Hugs

By Mubashira KachhotPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In a house that echoes with dreams so high,

A soul resides, reaching for the sky.

Walls adorned with aspirations vast,

A journey unfolds, both present and past.

Each room a chapter, a tale untold,

Of late-night studies, and stories bold.

Through corridors of ambition, he strides,

In the warmth of home, success abides.

Yet, in the heart, a silent song,

Of homesickness, a feeling strong.

A yearning for the comfort and embrace,

Of the place where love finds its space.

The city lights may gleam so bright,

But the stars at home, a softer light.

In the silence of the bustling street,

He hears the lullaby of memories sweet.

The fragrance of home in every nook,

In the corners where childhood memories look.

Success may dance in the city's glare,

But the heart longs for the homey air.

A bed that cradled both dreams and tears,

A refuge from life's relentless fears.

Now success unfolds, a golden stair,

Yet, the heart whispers, "I miss you, there."

In the tapestry of a promising quest,

The threads of home, woven in the best.

For a successful career, he takes a dive,

But homesickness lingers, a gentle tide.

So, here's to the one who's made it far,

In the house of dreams, a rising star.

Yet, in the quiet moments, when shadows flick,

Homesickness hums, a homespun pick.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This made me so emotional! Fantastic poem!

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