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Home to a Virginian

Cities that Make Virginia Home

By April Denise StuartPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Home to a Virginian
Photo by STEPHEN POORE on Unsplash

Richmond, Virginia,

Unique in a lot of ways,

Leaves me amazed,

Driving throughout the town,

The heart of the Commonwealth,


Winds blow through the waves,

You love the waterways,

The waters flow,

Freely from the creek,

The oysters are not to be beat,

Boats come ashore,

Shrimp is there,

There is always more,

By Yukiko Kanada on Unsplash


A city on the rise,

See the beauty of it,

Right through your eyes,

The night glistens,

I sit by the waterfront and listen,

Ships along the Elizabeth River,

On fun and joy,

The city delivers,

By Lison Zhao on Unsplash


Sit on your porch each morning,

While trains run through the town,

They chug along the rails,

Built deep into the ground,

The locomotive often loud,

Always I have known,

I consider the Commonwealth of Virginia,

My beloved home.

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About the Creator

April Denise Stuart

I have been writing for awhile and love to share my writing with others. I enjoy writing about Virginia as well as miscellaneous topics.

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