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Home Sweet Home?

by Michael Trigg about a month ago in social commentary

You can go back but its never the same

Home Sweet Home?
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In my twenties I moved away from home, a long way away

Across the ocean, but not planning to stay

Why did you leave New Zealand? Was it a task?

We hear it's a beautiful country, a nice place to live they ask

After two years away I'm tempted to return

I think I've the right and the passage I've earned

I'm looking forward to my old home and hearth

Family and friends and good old New Zealand earth

The old home is just a twenty hour flight away

And the family when they hear the news, shout hooray

Back to the good times, a pleasant memory

Family, pubs, beaches and surfing so carefree

I left the new friends with no promise to return

Could not wait for the sun and the down-under burn

To sample the beer and the great fish and chips

And roast lamb and Kiwi onion chip dips

The first week home was rounds of great parties

Everyone greeted me with much hales and hearties

But after a week, the bloom was gone from rose

Everyone had work and deals to close

Get together's dropped off, there were kiddies to care for

Pubbing, parties and good times were swept out the door

Alone with my thoughts my mind wandered back overseas

To my new friends who partied and pubbed with ease

Can you travel back home and expect to return?

To your old life and old ways and prereturn?

People change in time and tend to move on

Old lives end and new beginnings are then passed upon

One cannot go back to a past once enjoyed

And expect to be welcomed with arms overjoyed

People change and so do you

Time alters all, stands quite true

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social commentary

Michael Trigg

I have taken up writing in my retirement; more for a desire to write than for the money. At age 77, I have long been a writer of letters to the editor, to politicians, and various publications.

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Michael Trigg
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