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Home (lost)

More original song lyrics... I'm deeply in love and am enjoying the paramour

By AngelBeePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Home (lost)
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It's hard to lose

but hurts to pretend

I see your face

and immediately in disgrace

I smile a lie

and hope it works for a while

A cold embrace

locks around my chest

A bright light

In the middle of midnight

blinds you from the truth

every time I see you

Breath soft as feathers

heavies in weather

I was born in water

and came out bile

Grip of a crow

around my throat

But yet still

so far from home

Where is home?

I don't know

But yet I know

I'm too far away from home

I'm drenched in darkness

and sadly I love it

I'm deeply in love

and am enjoying the paramour

I drown in a lake of tears

without shedding any tears

I'm not afraid of my fears

But yet I feel

all is lost without you here

A cold flame

Burst through my chest

No longer concealed

No longer can I rest

I'm a stranger in a stranger's land

lost without a cause

To lose is pain

and real love hurts

Chaos will never reign

even in the heart of the broken

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"Excuse me, I'm speaking." - Kamala Harris

"As artists, we are eternally heartbroken." - Lady gaga

"It's strange how pain marks our faces, and makes us look like family." - Stephen King

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