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Home Is

A Homecoming Challenge poem

By Bernadette JohnsonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Home Is
Photo by Ante Gudelj on Unsplash

Home is

where I rest

and rekindle

the energy

the world burns

‘til there’s only enough

to crawl back

over the threshold

and lick my wounds.

Home is

where my kindred souls,


and nonhuman,

let me be

as I am

‘til I’m whole once more.

Home is

where I lie still

for hours,

days, weeks,

doing nothing,

then work

in sleepless frenzy

‘til things are done,

and the cycle

begins anew.

Home is

where I face the world

at a distance

through buffers

‘til I summon the strength

to venture out again.

Home is healing.

Home is love.

Home is home.


About the Creator

Bernadette Johnson

Bernadette “Berni” Johnson is the author of The Big Book of Spy Trivia, many tech articles, movie reviews, short stories, and two novels in perpetual editing.

You can find her blog, other work, and mailing list at bernijohnson.com.

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