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Home Comfort

Come in and Stay

By Isaac Haldeman Published 5 months ago 1 min read

as I enter I feel I’m home

escaping vagabondism, begins with dome

is that too much

maybe but aiming for clarity is clutch

the smells are sweet and memory locking

bolts tighten no one will hear our rocking

free pasture where two frees may graze

conflicted I do offer up praise

pushed aside regrets I’ve had in bed

new standard, I’d rather be dead

shapes so perfect and skin so smooth

they’d make the orange bandanna

wearing turtle so jealous he’d swoon

I’m a 80’s kid, a clue for a cypher

sex so good I narrate like MacGyver

being asked to come in and stay

thankful to lay after a time of play

I find great comfort in our territory

page by page I’ll scribe our story

for Papi

from Mami

love poems

About the Creator

Isaac Haldeman


I try and try.

I enjoy stories and attempting to tell them.

I’m a rich father before I am a poor artist.


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