His Handiwork

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His Handiwork

I am awkward and most people don't like me,

it can be a hard life to live you see.

Butterflies get all the glory and attention,

very few ever notice me, so me, they usually never mention.

Wherever I go, I leave my winged-dust behind,

life is lonely and community is difficult to ever find.

It is alright to be in the background all of the time,

in the corner I'll rest and observe in all of my life's prime.

Jealously has no use,

there was a time when I was obtuse,

and caved into thinking that my life had no purpose,

like I was a freak and apart of the circus,

but then I learned to embrace gratitude,

in whom I've been created to be, living a life of solitude.

I am a moth.

surreal poetry
Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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Rowan Finley

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