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His Color Was Red

by W.H. Michael about a year ago in inspirational · updated 12 months ago
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Like a volcano

His Color Was Red
Photo by Alain Bonnardeaux on Unsplash

Said Ms. Libby to the class

then to each child in turn

What is the color you love most

so that we may discern

Said Ian to his teacher

his face was pointed down

My color is red, I am always red

and my reasons thus are sound

Red is the color of lava

Red is the color of anger

Red is how I feel

Red, signals danger

May I tell you a story

of when I was but two

She said that he might understand

She said that it was true

I faced so many questions

so very long ago

I found I could not answer them

So my favorite word was, No!

No! was my answer

to every word they said

And just like you

when I was two

my world was colored red

Ian looked up and saw

a face that shone so bright

You, can’t be like me I say

Your words are far too light

When we are so young she said

the world can be uncertain

but as I grew

I promise you

life opened like a curtain

For you right now

this may all sound

so very awfully strange

but as you see beyond this veil

your color too will change

©2021 W.H. Michael


About the author

W.H. Michael

Father of three awesome kids, writer of speculative and contemporary fiction.

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