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Hiding Behind Our Walls

A path to destruction

By Margaret PanPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Hiding Behind Our Walls
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There was a man, who was a good builder

In fact, he knew better than anyone

how to build walls

Walls, he put up

Walls, that kept the world away

Please, don’t rush to criticize the man

He didn’t intend to build all these walls

He had a good heart, but it was a soft one

Life left him no choice but to guard it at all costs

When came the time for life to test him,

bringing him challenges and challenging people

The man got afraid; for his heart wouldn’t take it

He eventually decided to change his course

Building day by day, little by little

He managed to put up walls all around him

Without realizing how risky it is

To be on your own — that’s how the path to destruction begins

As years passed by, the walls remained intact

His heart was protected — but it also went dark

His fear grew more and more every day

The people around him, in time, gave up

Whether he ever attempted to escape

by trying to break those so well-built walls

Still remains unknown to all but himself

How does one stop being afraid?

We hide behind our walls because we think they protect us, when really all they do is prevent us from touching whatever wonderful freedoms live on the other side.

— Scott Stabile

surreal poetry

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Margaret Pan

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I write about relationships, psychology, personal development, and books.


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