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Hello, how are You?

by Bria Fairchild about a month ago in sad poetry · updated about a month ago
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By Bria Fairchild

Hello, how are You?
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

I’m the happiest saddest person you know

I see you watching my lovely dress flow

Pretty girl

Watch her spin around

Lying and crying

All in one breath

I need to rest

Yet you’re here watching me twirl

I’m your pretty girl

Smile you say

Directing me to look your way

Standing here in this pretty dress

I worry that you can tell I’m a fucking mess

This is why I prefer the night

Easier to hide my fright

My scars show in the light

My pain drips on the floor

I’m afraid you will ask for more

Please don’t persist

I've learned not to resist

sad poetry

About the author

Bria Fairchild

Hi! I hope you enjoy my short stories, bad poetry and the advice tidbits that I give out every Wednesday. Come and scream at the stars with me.

Whenever, Wherever,Whomever

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