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January 2017

By Katie GreenPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Life is heavy

Sometimes too heavy to hold

It gets overwhelming

like a wave of chaos

a tsunami of negativity

people can be like that too

people can lift you up

then tear you down

people can get under your skin

until you fear they've inhabited all that you are

people so unlike you

they think differently

react differently to situations

treat other breathing humans in such a way you think is unimaginable

people so unlike you that you feel attacked and engulfed in their ego

others give you a hand and a smile that lasts for a minute then is taken away and given to someone else

with life being the way that it is it gets hard

what are we to do?

people find outlets in things like drugs



a distraction from what life really is



even other people

the one thing that is the same through all those things is that they all will fade into nothingness

life will fade into nothingness

along with all that we strive to be

all that we hate to become

all that we worry about

all that we are anxious about

all that annoys us

all that brings us joy

all that causes pain and suffering

all will fade to become nothing

nothing but the dust that others facing the same things we are today will walk on

that's the thing

life is so heavy

it turns all that it weighs on to dust

social commentary

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