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by P. Chiperi 4 months ago in heartbreak · updated 4 months ago
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Not for Me

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

A poet I am not, but when you walked into the room, my knees buckled. Thankfully a chair was nearby, or I'd have surely fallen. You were incredible. All I ever wanted in a man. Tall, strong, and handsome. What more could one ask for? A Viking warrior come to life. My pulse quickened, my ears hummed.

Then you approached. You came toward me with slow, labored steps. I inhaled without realizing it and my mouth dried. I wanted to sink into the floor, to crawl under the table. Disappear. No way could this marvel of a man could be interested in me? Yet you neared and I waited. Finally, you arrived. A smile graced your beautiful face. You were even more amazing up close.

I pinched myself just in case there was some merit to the ridiculous premise that I was still asleep. Not even in my dreams could I conjure such sweet perfection. Finally, you spoke. I held my breath in anticipation as you asked... after your boyfriend.

My poor heart shattered. A million tiny pieces scattered to the floor. Fighting back tears, I was unable to respond. One thought reverberated through my head. It was true. That tired, old adage was true. All the best men really are gay, taken, or both.


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