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Heart of a Hero

The Tale of Finnley's Quest for Strength

By Ishaan SharmaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Heart of a Hero
Photo by TK on Unsplash

A small child named Finnley lived in a village near the sea.

He stared at the mountains, then at the sand, and said quietly, "I'll be the strongest in the land."

Dreams of power sparkled in his eyes every morning as the sun rose.

He'd lift large stones and sprint up the hill to strengthen his will and sharpen his expertise.

By Zac Durant on Unsplash

Some villagers smiled as they watched, while others simply mumbled, "It's just a child."

But Finnley's heart was filled with an unquenchable, passionate fire.

Legends tell of the difficulties he'd encounter, fighting storms in a tight embrace.

Wrestling with the winds and tides

Pursuing the strength that resides.

Years passed, and young Finnley grew in both age and reputation.

He desired not just power, but also the insight to know when to exhibit it.

By Alex Gruber on Unsplash

When darkness fell one day, the village resorted to Finnley as well.

Not for his power or might, but for the guts to stand and protect their land.

In the end, it wasn't strength or muscle that made Finnley the strongest that night.

But it's your heart that beats strong, powerful, and true that makes you a hero.

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